Scope Of Services

Assisting remedial and assets recovery process through out of court settlements such as credit restructurings and direct settlements through negotiations (for example: debt settlements) and settlements through courts of justice such as civil law suits, enforcement of indemnity rights, enforcement of fiduciaries, or criminal prosecutions:

  • Providing legal opinions or legal advices that can be utilized as legal frameworks or legal bases for doing business or as a consideration to determine important decisions or undertaking legal actions towards various legal problems faced by the clients either for dealing with cases or preventing cases to happen;
  • Providing services to deal with land tenures such as the improvement of land tenure status (getting land certificates from government institutions), land documents securities, and land disputes through mediations and litigations;
  • Dealing with client's needs to get licenses or permits from governmental institutions that have authorities to release licenses for projects, businesses, and company establishments;
  • Preparing terms of reference from legal provisions and practical legal interpretations of various regulations: laws, policies, and ministerial decrees;
  • Representing legal and business on behalf of clients, among others to conduct negotiations;
  • Conducting due diligences or legal audits to observe the legal status of a business from legal perspectives comprehensively; and
  • Providing other legal services both litigations and non-litigations.

Scope Of Expertise

1. Banking and Financing Institutions
Lawyers under SHLF have knowledges and experiences to deal with legal problems of banking (private, rural and state-owned banking) and financing institutions (co-operatives, modal venture companies, and leasing companies), including documents or draftings procedures in relation to financial problems, investments or routine activities in banking and financing institutions. Some SHLF lawyers/partners worked as bankers in the past, and therefore have sufficient knowledges about non-performing loans both through court or out of court settlements.

2. Land
The SHLF lawyers have understandings, knowledges, and experiences in the field of land issues ranging from transaction aspects (buy and sell, grant, swap), leasings, land status enhancements and their documentations, disputes that related to land ownerships. Some SHLF lawyers joined ad-hoc team between the National Banking Recovery Institution and National Land Body or Badan Penyehatan Perbankan Nasional to deal with high many property assets with high complexity legal problems. Apart from that, SHLF provides legal services and provisions for industrial businesses, minings, farmings or to establish legal systems for property developments with high complexity legal issues.

3. Criminal Cases
SHLF lawyers understand and provide legal services and representations for any criminal cases. We have capacities and experiences in handling problems that usually faced by our clients in various legal institutions and judiciaries.

4. Labour Laws and Human Resources
Labour and human resources are the backbones of business activities. Therefore, SHLF provides an integrated legal services to establish an efficient labour structure within a company and case handling for labour issues that might be faced by the clients.

5. Company and Business Laws
SHLF provides services for the clients to establish a company, shares take over, mergers, acquisitions, and company liquidations. SHLF is also able to assist companies at a retaining-based service for any kinds of legal problems.